Giving back to nature

We're more than a traditional skincare brand. We want to be relevant. That's why we've established our Giving Back program to take responsibility for our nature. Our program gives you the opportunity to choose what impact you want to make for a better nature. Contribute here →

Our partners

+56.000 bottles

removed from oceans and rivers

Ocean cleanups - Parley

Each year, million of tons of waste enter the oceans. It's critical to take action as it's impacting our ecosystems and health. We've teamed up with Parley, an international non-profit organization removing plastic from shorelines and ghost nets from the high seas, while establishing systems to intercept waste before it ends up in landfills, rivers or oceans.

Our impact in 2022

We are proud to have removed what is equivalent to more than 56,000 bottles from oceans and rivers.

+7.500 sqm

of rainforest preserved in Latin America

Reforestation - Cool Earth

Deforestation is negatively effecting our natural ecosystems, biodiversity and climate. Tropical forests have the highest carbon density and protecting them is one of the most simple and effective actions we can take to mitigate climate change. We've teamed up with Cool Earth, an international non-profit organization working with local rainforest communities to halt deforestation and its impact on our planet.

Our impact in 2022

We are proud to have preserved what is equivalent to more than 7,500 square meters of rainforest in Latin America.

Make your contribution

Please fill out the form with your email address, order ID and the project to support. Together we can do our part to make nature a little bit better.